cryptoflow business startup tshirts

From St. George to Logan and everywhere in between, including Utah’s very own “Silicon Slopes”, Utah has developed an awesome startup and tech community. To point, one study noted that while the national average is one unicorn (a private startup that reaches $1 billion valuation) per 101 companies, in Utah that average is 1 out of every 61 companies, the highest percentage in the entire nation!

Whether you work for one of these startups or one of the many other successful companies within Utah’s strong and thriving economy there’s no doubt you’ve seen the custom business shirts here, there, and everywhere. From building company culture, to providing free swag to your employees, to the free branding that comes from such startup/business shirts, they are a fun, simple, and cost-effective way to engage your employees and spread the good word to your prospective customers. 

If you’re looking for a local Utah printer that can provide quality business or startup shirts at a good price and in a short turnaround we’d love to chat! If you’re located outside of Utah we also ship nationwide!