The Search For A Single Custom Shirt

Like many others on different occasions and for different events, we've looked for the perfect custom shirt (and other apparel items) to express ourselves and have ended up frustrated that we can't find the design we really want, at a price that is not outrageous, and with a production speed that actually gets us our shirt on time. Not to mention we don't want to buy 50 shirts (or hoodies or …) to get that awesome low price.  

This repeated frustrating experience in finding the perfect custom shirt led us to start Thredn so that we can offer custom-printed apparel in a better way.

Thredn's mission is to help you get custom apparel perfect for any occasion in a hassle-free manner. We do this by making sure you get the following:

  • An item that fits properly.
  • An item that is affordable even if you order only one.
  • An item that arrives in a timely fashion.
  • An item that is 100% you.
  • An item that won't fall apart after one wearing or washing.

It sounds simple but our goal is to help people find, order, and express themselves one custom apparel item at a time.

We know you'll love your custom-printed apparel and we can't wait to help you show it off!


The Team Behind Thredn 

Thredn was founded in 2018 by a group of friends who have helped build three (nearly 4!) companies with annual revenue of greater than $1,000,000. This experience and expertise are put straight into building Thredn, a successful and trusted apparel company that always puts its customers first and firmly believes in giving back.

Thredn will always be about the customer. Our goal is to provide a seamless shopping experience that allows individuals to find the custom apparel they are looking for regardless of the end use. The apparel will be affordable, produced quickly, and durable. 

It will also be apparel that helps you be you. Support your team, voice your opinion or political stance, further your cause, or simply make people laugh. No matter what you need, we’re more than just custom-printing and our quest is to help you be you!

-The Thredn Team